Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Padres Game

Last weekend Logan worked the morning shift which mean't that we could actually go out on a date on the weekend. We haven't had that many opportunities to actually hang out on the weekends since Logan has always worked nights on the weekend. We decided to make good use of what little time we have together with just the two of us and we went to the Padres game. We can always find really cheap last minute tickets that people are selling on cragslist. Our first choice was to go to the maroon5 concert but since we didn't start calling around for tickets until 6:30 p.m., all the last minute cheap tickets were gone and we didn't want to spend alot of money on regular tickets. So, we went to the padres game. It was alot of fun except that we had to park far away and walk. I don't remember our regular parking spot being that far away before! The baby was in an bad spot for walking and every step seemed to put more and more pressure on my bladder. We had great seats that were in the tenth row on the bottom deck. Really close to the field. The Padres lost..... they seem to lose all the games that we go to... or maybe just all their games. :) It also didn't help that we were playing the giants, who I love, and there were alot of giants fans there that were kind of in your face fans. This one guy in particular was driving me crazy. I really had to restrain myself to not throw something at him. Sounds horrible but I just felt like throwing candy, a rolled up wrapper, grapes... anything at him. He was yelling so loud and being such an obnoxious jerk to everyone. Then he kept standing up and yelling as loud as he could to cuss out the padre players while they were on the field. I was really annoyed. For one thing he was a big guy and I could see past him everytime he got up. I also just don't understand the mentality of people like that! Why does he think he's so tough? So I had to tone him out and focus on other things. The game was fun though. It wasn't fun that we didn't even score one run and the Giants scored 7! But it was fun to get out of the house and go do something together. After the game we stopped by blockbuster and picked up the movie What Happens in Vegas and some Mexican food from this small restaurant down the street. We actually got the movie with a gift card Logan got from the Christensens for his birthday. It was so nice to not have to pay! Over all we had a great and affordable date night together.