Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby Shopping

Well we finally decided to take one Saturday and check out some baby stuff. We were clueless! You think that you somewhat know what your doing until you get to the store and see all of the options! There was just way to much stuff to choose from and it was overwhelming. Luckily we weren't there very long until we called in some backup.... a very experienced mom. :) It was fun to go and just get some ideas of what we will need and what we want. I think we've decided on the minimalist approach... getting mostly necessities and things that are small and compact since we will be living in a small apartment in San Diego. Since the visit to the baby store we have also gone home and done some research on things. All in all the visit to the store finally got us started on getting ready for our baby girl. We still don't have anything but we did finally move into our new place last week. Now we can start collecting everything we'll need. It's been a hectic summer but everything is starting to fall into place!