Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spending the Holiday with the Hollidays!

Labor Day was a very busy day! We moved into our new apartment on Labor Day. It was a big job for an 8 month pregnant lady. Luckily my mom was there to help me get the necessities put away and unpacked. I had been staying up in Fresno for the last couple weeks without Logan while he worked and stayed with the Hollidays. I came down when we could afford and had found a place to live. Both Logan and I took summer school to finish our degrees so we were a little low on the funds! But hey, we're done! Sunday after church my mom and I drove down. It was exciting knowing that we were going to finally get settled in somewhere and not just anywhere but a nice and roomy place. We love our new apartment. It's in a great area and only about a mile away from some good friends! Labor Day we got started pretty early. Logan went with some buddies to get the trailer and start unloading it and I went with my mom to get some breakfast for everybody. The boys had already loaded the trailer up on Saturday so all they had left to do was unload it. We met back at the place, ate a little and got to work. My mom left around 2:00 and somehow missed any sort of traffice... impossible! She got really lucky with that! After a long day of putting things away and organizing we took a break and celebrated the Holiday with the Hollidays. They have a great house with a swimming pool. It was nice for me to get in and swim a little. It was a hot day and my feet had gotten a little swollen from all the standing up. Logan and the boys had fun making up games and practicing different ways of jumping in the pool. It was pretty entertaining for everyone else to watch. I love that their games usually have some sort of physical pain. For example, one of the games consisted of one person standing on one end of the pool and the other person in the water on the other side of the pool. The person in the water had to hold on to the edge and not move while the person on the other end threw a ball and tried to hit them it got a little more complicated from there but that is pretty much the point of the game.... sounds like a lot of fun... maybe if you’re the thrower! :) Kris made some killer BBQ chicken wrapped in bacon and Logan made a great bean dip. It was a good ending to a long day! Thanks to everyone that helped us with our many moves! We couldn't have done without you!

Our bedroom, what a mess. We've gotten it picked up since then!

View of the living room from our door. The kitchen is on the other side of the brown bookshelves.

At the Hollidays

Logan doing a flip, then trying to land through the hole in the raft. He actually did it on his first attempt. I was pretty impressed. I don't think they thought about what would have happen if he had only gotten one leg through the hole or had clothes lined his neck! :) But he didn't, it all went smooth.

Emily waxed all the boys' nose hairs that night after we all got out of the pool. This is Logan getting ready for her to pull the plugs out (and his hairs). Surprisingly he didn't scream and actually liked how clean his nose felt afterwards. It was really funny to watch all the guys have their turn.