Saturday, September 6, 2008


So yesterday it was my 24th birthday. I'll admit, it started out a little depressing. Logan had to work in the morning but he got up early enough to make breakfast for me. It was my favorite...German pancakes, which are really nothing like pancakes. It was really sweet of him to make them. After that he left and went to work. I had a bad night and was still really tired. That night I hadn't been able to sleep at all so I moved to the couch and fell asleep there. Logan came and woke me up at 3:00 in the morning and when I got up to move to the bed I had a fat kink in my neck, a sore back on my left side, and a sore shoulder. It was the first time I had had a sore back from the pregnancy. So, that morning I was still really sore. I decided to lay down for a bit and ended up not leaving the house until 12:00. I felt so lazy! I ran some errands and came home after a couple of hours. Once I got home I decided to swim a couple laps in our pool. The last couple of days I have been finding time to swim laps and do water aerobics (sounds silly but it feels great and really stretches me out plus I am a certified water aerobics instructor :) I was swimming when Logan surprised me by coming home a couple of hours early. He brought me flowers and a really good Jamba Juice. It was really sweet. The depressing part is when I started to get ready later on. I couldn't find anything to wear that fit me. I wanted to dress up nice but realized that I just don't like maternity clothes and my regular clothes just aren't cutting it anymore. I know it shouldn't be depressing but I was a little sad I couldn't wear any of my cute clothes. Finally I found something that I felt ok in and we headed off to go celebrate. Logan took me out to get a spa pedicure. It felt great. I had him pick out the color and I was a little shocked when he brought it over. It was fluorescent orange... not bright orange but fluorescent orange... possibly glow in the dark. Haha. I love it though. It's fun and definitely noticeable! After the pedicure we went to Benihanas for dinner on my parents. Thanks guys, it was a lot of fun. Both of us had never been there before and were impressed. They treat you really special when they know it's your birthday. I really hate it when they come and sing to you (which they did) but it was fun getting free pineapple and a picture. After dinner we decided to go out for a stroll on the beach. The weather was great! We made sure to get some pictures of me at almost 33 weeks. I'm looking a little big in these pictures due to the fact that I stuffed myself at dinner! :) Things were really feeling tight and uncomfortable afterwards! We were thinking of going to the Ok Go free concert at SDSU but decided to opt out since we were both already so tired and the concert didn't start until 11. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun doing my favorite thing, just spending time with Logan.

The picture they took of us at Benihanas. They give you a copy but also load it onto their internet site so you can go on and get a digital copy... so cool.

In a parking garage at the mall. We stopped by before heading to the beach to see if we could find anything I wanted for my birthday. I really don't have anything I want though.

A picture of us at the beach.

33 weeks

My fluorescent orange toes!


bretandjulie said...

I thought about you on Friday, but never got around to e-mail you. Glad the day turned out good, even with all the aches. Sounds like Logan takes good care of you. And I love the fluorescent orange!