Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Allred Wedding

On 8-8-08 Ryan and Heidi Allred were officially married! It was a lot of fun to come and participate with everyone in all the festivities... even the setting up for the wedding! On Thursday night Ryan planned a great activity for all the mission buddies... unfortunately it wasn't safe for pregnant women. Some of us, including me, had to sit this one out. No biggie. It was still a lot of fun watching everyone eat it on the flowrider. Friday was the wedding and then on Saturday we headed home. It was a long drive and a really short trip. We wished we could have stayed longer but Logan had to be in San Diego on Monday for a job interview. We had a great time and got to see some great friends. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can see everyone again.

Getting ready for their turn on the Flowrider.

Logan starting...

.... and riding! It was a little hard to get a good clear picture because the lighting inside was so bad and our camera doesn't have a setting to take action pictures.

Getting ready for another run.

Crashing pretty hard this time. Luckily there was foam under the water.

All the riders! Everyone did great and picked it up fast.

The women that couldn't ride but had fun laughing at everyone else that could!

I love this picture. You can see the confusion in their faces. We went early on Friday morning to help set up. I mostly took pictures but these guys did actually put up a lot of tables and chairs. They even decorated the swing set! Not bad!

It was early. I didn't want to change out of my pj's. haha.

When we arrived early to the wedding Allred had to send the boys back to pick up the marriage license. He had forgotten it at the house.

The ceremony... so cute.

Logan found a little garder snake on a rock. He caught it and brought it back to me. The little kids loved it... and even the grown ups. :)

All the mission buddies that came.

Logan and I at the reception. Getting this picture took alot of effort. Everytime we'd get ready to take one someone would stick something in front of our faces or bump the camera. But we did eventually get one together! We loved the food there. They had a cotton candy machine and a snowcone machine. If you don't already know, I love, love, love snowcones and Logan loves cotton candy. Maybe we should purchase our own machines so we can have them all the time!

Every wedding we try and take a picture with just the bride and groom and this always ends up happening.... the boys quickly jump in right before the camera flashes! haha. So every wedding we have a picture of the bride, groom, me, Logan, and his mission buddies. :)

And the best picture with the most important people in the group... the wives!... not all of us but some were still there when we took this picture.


kate said...

I am one of your latest blog stalkers! I will be stealing some of your pictures, watch for my post on the wedding and festivities as well!