Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nine Months!

The stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 12 oz. (16%)
Height: 27 3/4 in (58%)
Head: 18 in (91%) big noodle! :)

What a big girl she has become! We love how silly and funny and spontaneous she is. Always getting into some mischeif. Loves to talk and make loud noises. Started saying mama and know's what it means... says dada but hasn't figured out who that is yet. Love's everyone, doesn't matter who you are! Not sure when the stranger anxiety is going to start but definitely hasn't yet. She loves crawling from person to person at church, climbing up their leg, playing with them for a few minutes then moving on to the next person. She is a total mooch! If you have food she is your best friend. You would think we starve the girl!... we don't. Love's zuccini... but still gags when we try and feed her pea's. Love's all dogs and chases them around the park all day. She scares them a lot of the time because she just starts screaming for excitement and crawling after them as fast as she can. She throws some pretty impressive tantrums. I can't believe she's only 9 months and has the whole throw the head back, lay on the ground rolling around kicking and crying as loud as I can thing down already. I'm not sure how to handle that yet. I just put her down when she starts to throw a tantrum and act like I don't notice it. Is that bad? Most of the time however she is delightful and loves to laugh. She has started to stand up on her own and balance for a few seconds. Loves's to destroy the house and pull everything out. Has figured out how to open cabinets and close doors. And most importantly she has captured our hearts. We love this wild and spunky, cute and cuddly, innocent and mischievious, silly little girl.

For some reason her favorite toy is this beany baby skunk. She never tires of it.

At her Dr. appointment. She got shots and didn't even cry just gave the nurse this look like "What do you think you're doing!?"

After her appointment I had to go to swim lessons. Usually I take Afton in the water with me but it was a free swim day so I just had to gaurd the pool. Afton waited inside with dad....she really wanted to come outside!


Paige said...

What a cutie! & I must say that I love the hairbows that perfectly match every outfit...I think that's my favorite part of having a girl...dressing her up with just the right accessories (hairbow & shoes to match!).

kate said...

I love checking up on your blog, your little Afton is so cute!! I can't believe she didn't even cry when they poked her!!


I love the bows! I haven't had time to make any... but I will have to soon. Wow, %91 for her head? It doesn't look big to me.... she's adorable!

PalsRWe said...

Good Job Afton on Growing, (at least a tiny bit).. She is adorable, super cute bow too... My favorite pic has to be the smashe face against the screen door, those moments are priceless..

Miss you, Kiley..
Thanks for the link with all the pictures too..