Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bits of March

We've been trying to keep ourselves busy. Second semester has been a beast! Poor Logan is studying and in the lab all the time. We hardly see the guy! I've been trying to find projects and activities to mix up our routine a bit. She gets bored of me a lot. I'm not as fun or as exciting as her dada that she misses a lot.

Afton painting while sporting the kid classic punch mustache.

We've gotten to babysit Aftons friend Carson a couple of times. She looks forward to these days!

Sad day for Logan. I heard a crash and ran back to his study room to find him and Afton with a broken chair. I took just one lean with Afton on his lap and one of the legs snapped right off. He's been demoted to a wooden kitchen chair to study in... no leaning in that chair.

Afton got to ride on another carousel and she insisted that she ride the Zebra. Kids are so funny. Just some of the things we've been up to this March. It's starting to get really hot. Oh here we go again!