Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye Dinner

Before Logan left to go back to PR we had a dinner together with the Henderson side. Emery was not quite 2 weeks old.
Our new family of 4.

Cute little Mia. She's a doll.

The whole group.

We also had dinner with my family at Me-n-Ed's, THE BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD! I had to throw that in for Ashlee who hates Me-n-Eds. She's crazy.

The next day we took Logan to the airport. It was a very sad day. I woke up dreading that day. We got him there and walked in with him then we sat and looked at the airplanes. Finally when it was getting time for him to go through security, he walked us back out to the car and we said our goodbyes. As soon as he walked away from the car Afton started screaming. It was heartbreaking for me. She knew exactly what was happening and she's such a daddys girl. I felt so bad for her. She cried "That makes me sad! I want Dada!" for about 15 minutes. We stopped and got slushies to cheer us both up.


ashlee said...

I am not crazy. I just haven't killed my tastebuds with that crappy pizza, so I can tell how gross it is. I feel sorry for all of you, really.