Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Dr. Visit

Our Dr. had recommended that I wait until Emery was 2 months old before taking her on a plane back to PR. That would have mean't waiting another 3 weeks and us being away from Logan for 6 weeks total! I know some of you military people out there are thinking that's not bad at all, however I decided it was just to long. I really felt good about leaving before 8 weeks so we made our last visit to the Dr. at 4 weeks and then headed home that next week.

This Dr. visit was pretty embarressing. I don't know what got into Afton but she went ballistic on the Dr. She started getting pretty crazy after being away from Logan for so long. She would tell me all the time, "Can we go back with dada? I really miss dada." Normally when she's misbehaving I can reason with her and get her to listen. Not this time! She had crazy eyes! She wouldn't even let us weigh her. She was screaming holding onto my leg for dear life. When we got home I was telling my mom about it and how naughty she was and Afton said, "Damnma(what she calls my mom) I kick the Dr." We both had to try so hard to not laugh and make sure she knew that behavior was not ok. Hopefully our next visit will go better. If not, they might make me find a new Dr!

After the Dr. we came home and started getting things packed. It's a pretty big job, especially with how strict the airlines have become regarding the luggage weight.

Don't be fooled by this sweet face. She packs a mean kick! ;)