Sunday, June 15, 2008

Logans trying to kill me...

So Logan and I have been going on a lot of walks lately. I like walking up and down this half mile hill down the street from our house. It's steep enough to get my heart rate up but not to steep that it kills me. I've also been walking alot more than running. When I run the baby bounces up and down on my bladder and makes me have to go to the bathroom right away... yah, it's not comfortable! So we decided to go on a walk and started of thinking which canyon or trail around our house we should go on. Somehow Logans ideas veered from the plan of a simple walk to us climbing up the highest peak mountain in San Diego. I didn't think it was a good idea but decided to give it a try.... it didn't go very well. We got half way up the mountain and I was dying! I felt like I could make it but was definitely not having fun doing it! We live in Clairemont which is pretty close to the beach so we get the great coastal cool weather and breeze at our house. In Clairemont the weather has been nice and cool so far this summer, literally in the 70's. The mountain Logan wanted to climb was in East county... in the desert! It was in the 90's.... I wasn't well acclimated for that weather which makes me worry about coming to visit fresno this summer. The heat kicked my butt and there was no shade anywhere on the hike. My hands got so swollen to the point that I couldn't get my ring off. I was worried about drinking to much water since I already have to go to the bathroom all the time and there are no bathrooms on the hike. I've been continuing to exercise but nothing prepared me for this steep hike and heat. Logan has very big aspirations for what I can do at 22 weeks pregnant.... I think he's trying to kill me.

This was the easy beginning part of the mountain... can you feel the heat!

At the bottom of the hike... My face is so red! I was so HOT!!

Taking a little break, sitting on a rock cooking.