Sunday, June 1, 2008

Logan, Logan..what are we going to do with him! :)

So Logan decided to cut his hair. I saw him go outside with the trimmer and when he came back in I hardly recognized him. I asked him what he had done to his hair. He first tried to say that he was trimming his neck and his cutter slipped to far up so he had to buzz the whole thing... I didn't believe that. He's not a very good liar... probably because he was smiling while telling me the story. Finally he said it was his "summer buzz". I hope it grows out fast! j/k He loves it and I'm excited for it to grow back out! :) He claims that people give him compliments on his hair all the time... I think he's telling fibs again. haha I also caught him today in one of his usual outfits and decided to start taking pictures of his great matching abilities. The other day we were going somewhere and he came out of the bedroom wearing brown and yellow plaid shorts with a blue and green plaid button up shirt. He had no idea that is outfit clashed REALLY REALLY bad. I didn't say a word. I figured if he felt comfortable and confident in what he was wearing, then he might as well just wear it. So here is a picture of another one of his great match days... he's wearing navy blue shorts with hot pink stiching, brown and red socks, a yellow shirt, and tennis shoes. Best part is he had no idea that the reason I was taking his picture was because of his outfit. Though, before my family reads this post and calls me to tell me I'm a hypocrite, I have to admit that I have some matching problems of my own. I just love having fun with Logan and teasing him. He's perfect just the way he is... with his funky outfits and "summer buzz". ;)


PalsRWe said...

Good Job You Two. We had no idea you had entered the blogger world. Thanks for sending us the link. Since our schedules and time zones are so different each hard to catch up with each other.. It was fun to read all the updates. When Kaedyn wakes up from her nap, I will show her the fun pictures of you two. She loves looking at the computer.. Luvs Kiley