Friday, October 16, 2009

Swim lessons

This summer in San Diego a friend, Suzy Nelson, and I team taught swim lessons. I'm so sad that I did not get more pictures! We taught a baby class together and then split up for the second half of the hour and taught 2 levels of 2-5 year olds. I loved it. It was so rewarding on the last day to see how much all the kids had improved from the beginning of the summer. They were such sweet kids! I also loved spending time with the parents and getting closer to some of the other moms in the ward. Here's a picture of some of the baby swim class participants.

By the end of the summer all of the babys loved the water and being dunked. They could blow bubbles and jump in. They could kick their legs and would relax in the water on their backs. They could scoop their hands in the water to move their bodies forward! It was so exciting to see the difference from the first day were a lot of them cried. :)