Sunday, April 26, 2009


We have officially Hi-yahed cowles mountain in the face! That's right, on our 5th attempt we have conquered the beast and made it to the top. Yah, we're awesome like that. So if your from San Diego your probably reading this and laughing because you know that hiking Cowles Mountain really isn't that big of a deal.... people do it all the time. But for some reason it was for us... especially with a baby. :) We had a lot of fun hiking it on all of our attempts, well, maybe not the first time. Hopefully it won't be long before we attempt it again.

Doing our best karate moves.

I look ridiculous in this pic!haha. I was attempting a kung fu kick but lost my balance and put my foot down right as the camera took the pic... Apparently I need to work on my balance.

Cutest people I know!

And she fell asleep on the hike down. All that looking around really wore her out.


PalsRWe said...

Hiiiiiiiiii ---Yahhhhhhh..
You 3 should be in Kung Fu Panda #2
Congrats on conquering the Mountain