Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tutu birthday party

Charlotte George turned 2 on 2/2. What a perfect day to throw a tutu party. Afton did not have a tutu and everyone was supposed to wear one. We found one at the store but I didn't really like the pastel colors and how frilly they were. I decided to just wing it and make one. Making her tutu literally cost me $1.50 and took 30 minutes. I love the way it turned out and how fun and colorful it is. You know me, I like it bright!

Singing happy birthday

spagetti face

Of course she found a little kitty cat to carry around and of course I would have a daughter who loves loves loves stuffed animals and I hate them. :) Whatever makes her happy.

sweet face

Cousin Avery was there and trying to avoid my camera. I had to sneak pictures of her!

I love her sassy looks


Steve and Jenna said...

Heidi, I love Afton's tutu. You did an awesome job making that. Very nice colors.

Eddingtons said...

I love Afton's Tutu, you are so talented!!!