Monday, March 14, 2011

Valentines Party with Friends 2/11/11

The Friday before Valentines day we went to a Valentine party with some of Afton friends here in PR. Afton loved helping make her valentines the night before. She did all the coloring and stickers, and I cut and stapled. Can you tell she's excited!

At the party with mouth stuffed full of candy already. My friend Julia once again planned some really cute games and activities for the kids. They loved it!

She didn't quite get that she was supposed to throw it from a distance. Good enough.

Handing out her valentines. Afton loved giving out her valentines just as much as she loved receiving them.

With her bag full of treats and love notes.

We had the little party at a gated community here that has a little waterpark in it. It was awesome. This whole pool was shallow enough for Afton to touch.

And this splash pad gave me nightmares!!! Maybe because I'm a wife of a dental student, or maybe just because I'm a mom.... but I see sharp corners in area's like this and all I picture are knocked out teeth! One slip in this water and her teeth could be toast!

Only part of the park area.

The zipline that we didn't get to go on. It was out of order at the time.
We are so lucky to have friends here in PR to do fun stuff like this with. We'll be sad when some of them finish school and leave this year!