Sunday, March 13, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning we woke up to a peed bed... not ours but Aftons. :) We're mean parents and had her take a quick bath and change before running out to the presents. It wasn't so bad considering she didn't realize there was stuff out there until she got to the living room.

Her tent grandma and dad made.

Opening stockings in the tent

This year Afton loved opening presents. It didn't matter whose it was!

Trying out my new portrait lens on some great models.... I'm not sure it's the lens' fault that this picture didn't turn out.

And Maz got the present everyone was really looking forward to... a Go Kart.

We made sure the kids got a chance to try it out.....

...but also made sure the adults got a turn.

Around noon we headed over to Logan's parents house to meet up with his side of the family.

Afton in the pile of wrapping paper and cousins.

Can you spot all ten?

And it turns out we weren't the only ones putting our kid in a new shirt to announce some news! 2 cousins on the way. A boy due in June and a girl in July.

She sure loves playing with all her girl cousins.