Thursday, December 31, 2009


Halloween was so much fun this year. It was fun last year too but this year Afton could be a little more involved!

Carving pumpkins.... I love this tradition!

One of the houses we went to passed out toys instead of candy. Afton blew on this whistle the whole night... she liked it even more than the candy!

My Nephew Mazur and our two neighbors Mika and Ana came with us for a little while.

Me and my cute little skunk. I opted to not dress out on Halloween. We had the night before and I wanted to be warm while we walked around outside in the cold. I know, I'm lame. :) Still blowing on her whistle.

Walking with Aunt Katie. It's fun going trick or treating when you have a bunch of people to go with!

This years carved pumpkins.

And my brother mike in this years costumes.

It was pretty fun putting all that blue paint on his face!