Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kings Canyon National Park

We decided with just a few more weeks left in Fresno, that we had to atleast have one camping trip this summer. We headed to Kings Canyon National Park for an overnighter. What a wild trip it ended up being! My mom was nice enough to let us borrow her car for the weekend, since the car we had been using had no A/C.

Setting up camp

Tin foil dinner are always soooo good.

Aftons own little stump to sit on.

Cuddling up with dada. It was really rough trying to get her to sleep. She ended up staying up late with us since we didn't want her to bother the rest of the campers with her screaming all night. Then when we took her to bed with us she just laughed and jumped, crawled, and ran all over us for hours. We were about to go crazy.

Favorite thing to eat, blueberries for breakfast.

Alligator and kitty cat were supposed to stay in the tent but I was a pushover that day. Not enough sleep to have the energy to battle with her.

Saturday we went hiking around Kings Canyon and checked out the General Grant.

It was too hot! She had to lose the pants.
It was a fun little camping trip for us and we came back sufficiently dirty!