Monday, August 9, 2010

A sneak peak

Warning... Here are just a few pictures of our so far, very white apartment. They are pre any decorations and sadly I still really haven't put any up. It's pretty hard decorating when all the walls are cement and you're poor students that can't afford to decorate!

This is our building. We are in Penthouse 1. It feels so luxurious saying that but really it's not that luxurious. It is nice though. Pretty much the whole "penthouse" part just means that we have a staircase that leads to a rooftop part that is ours. We do love that part... having the rooftop and room up there is nice!

The new swagger wagon. When we bought this I text me dad that we bought a swagger wagon... he had no idea what that was. We got this baby for 3,000. Hopefully it will keep running. We have to admit.... we're kinda loving the whole van part. Being able to change diapers easily. We have tons of room. We can take a seat out and fit more stuff. If we'd had a different car, we would have had problems buying and moving some of the furniture we've gotten. I love that I can move around in it easily... it's pretty much been awesome. We totally get why people like vans! We also figured it would be better to have so when people come to visit they
won't have to rent a car... we have plenty of room for visitors in our ride!
Part of one of the playgrounds. Our complex is actually pretty small but still has 3 playgrounds. This one is my favorite because it's in the shade and right up against the jungly part near the river.

Afton loves these swings!

Dream come true. I love teeter totters and you never see them any more! When we go on it Logan sits on oneside and Afton and I pair up on the other.

The very white kitchen and new very small fridge.

This apartment came partially furnished... it actually came completely furnished but we asked the landlord to take somestuff. Some of the modern pieces we knew would not survive Afton or Afton would not survive them. This couch came with the place and we are loving it. However, I have to clean it alot.... who buys white couches??!! Any tips on cleaning leather?

I would also like to add that today was my first day not having to kill and clean up ants. There's just no getting rid of them here!


bretandjulie said...

Glad to see that you're doing so well! Afton is still as cute as ever. Bet she misses her Grandma! Good luck to Logan with his schooling. And you look like you're doing fabulous! Enjoy the adventure ahead of you!

PalsRWe said...

So Fun, Love all those updates.. Seems like yesterday Brent & I were getting settled at Case west. Dental School, (even though it's been 7 years now) You will have so many great memories. It's always one thing after another.. These are the years that will help you grow even stronger has a family.. There is always somethings crazy around the corner.
I remember our invasion of Raccoons, Fleas, Mice etc.. in our home.. The list goes on and on.. Just keep working hard. All the hard work will be worth it one day ... (Hopefully).. Just Kidding (It Will Be)..
Love Ya

Mattson Family said...

It looks like you guys live in a way nice place! Now we just need to come out and see it for ourselves! :) PS. I LOVE your main blog picture! It is sooooo cute!

Joe & Jill said...

wow you guys moved to PR??? Crazy!! I hope your liking it! Van's are the GREATEST!! I swore I never was going to drive a van- until we purchased one- LOVE IT!!! It looks beautiful there- and the beach looks awesome! We are actually finally moving to Fresno!! good luck with everything!