Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School.

Logan is probably way to old for me to be making him do this! It's like the first day of school in elementary all over again. We would always take pictures! But, I made him take pictures anyway. Wednesday the 4th was Logans first day of classes but he had actually been at school everyday since the Friday before. Friday he had orientation all day, then Monday he had to go to get everything set up and get his books etc. and it took all day, then Tuesday was registration that took all day. He was excited for Wednesday... to finally get started and start as he said "moving forward."

I love that here his name is legally different than on the mainland. They, in true Latin culture, include the mothers maden name. Just to embarress my dad, I'll tell a little story. On looking through some correspondence we had recieved from UPR, my dad asked me "so peep,(what he calls me), what's a pagliero?" (pronouncing the G, when it's supposed to be silent.) My response, "a person." It gave me a good laugh.