Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For a moment

For a moment there I thought things just might be settling down.

The morning started out great. I finally went for a run on the running path by our house. Afton decided to wake up at 7 a.m. this morning so we had a quick breakfast and took off for our run. The best thing about the path is that there is some serious encouragment to run the whole distance. It's only 1.5 miles but at the end there is an awesome play ground that Afton loved. So I ran 1.5 there, played for a while with Afton at the park, and then ran the 1.5 miles back.

After running we ran an errand with a friend and then came home. It was getting close to nap time when we got back and Afton was starting to get cranky. I was carry a lot of groceries and was trying to get her to walk up the stairs on her own and she was crying and whining because she wanted me to carry. We were almost to our door and she threw a tantrum on the steps. She sat down and threw her arms and heads forward and accidentally smacked her head on the tile steps. I knew something was up when her cry was a little different and wondered if she had just hit her head right and gotten a mild concussion. I monitored her for a while. She was a little fussy but nothing that would concern me. We went to the playground in our complex and then when I thought we were in the clear, she threw up like 4 times in a row. It was a lot. I still can't figure out how that much stuff fits in such a little body. Both her and I were covered. We went home, after calling Logan to come help, and I walked into the laundry room and feel water all over the floor. I look down and sure enough, our washer leaked everywhere. So we have throw up clothes and no washer to clean them. Best part, we call our landlord and he tells us there's nothing he can do for a couple weeks. Worst landlord ever!!! So we ask him if there's someone we can call to come fix it and his response. "I've never had problems with it before, you need to stop over using and overloading the equipment." So apparently it is my fault that the fridge and washer broke but it has nothing to do with the fact that they are both like a gazillion years old. After all this happens Logan is using his new laptop from HELL and what happens, a pixel goes out. Of course the warranty only replaces your laptop if 2 pixels go out. It's so ridiculous that we just have to laugh about all this stuff... except the whole afton hurting her head part. Ahh this place is wild, but regardless of everything, we're having a good time and loving life here is PR.

The toddler play set
The mansion playground!

Hato Rey

The running path. It was a really nice view.

Our apartment complex from the path.

And at the begining there is a lot of trash. :( So sad. This is actually an estuary but it doesn't seem to be kept up very well.

And lots and lots of Iguanas. Some of them are flourescent green.

And today was a battle to keep her diaper on. Everyday is something new. Sometimes it's her pants, her shoes, her bow (actually everyday is a bow battle day so I gave up.). But today she didn't want to wear her diaper. I kept telling her, "If you don't want to wear your diaper, you have to pee pee in the potty." Let's hope that works.


Mattson Family said...

I can't believe your landlord won't fix it! That is horrible! You guys need to stop being so hard on everything! :) haha j/k I'm glad Afton is okay! That's scary!