Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mission Reunion

In June we met up with some of Logans mission companions for a boating trip in Utah. It's been a while since we have been able to do this and frankly last time didn't end well. We crashed into poor Maretta's car. This time there were no car accidents, no cribbage boards hitting Jamie in the noodle, no slurpie disasters, and no having to call insurance companies and report an accident on your anniversary. :) Thank goodness. It was pure fun... except the whole scum game part. I like the game scum but I suck (probably because the only time I have ever played is at these reunions)and I am the one that always ends up eating the mush (nastiness that someone has concocted).But besides that, we were so sad to leave. We had a great time with everyone.

Driving to Utah we always pass this road. No, we did not name afton after this street. :)

In Vegas we picked up Holliday and went out to eat. The food wasn't very good... it never really is at these cheap casino restaurants but logan still always wants to go for the prime rib. We also picked up Trevor and Jamie in Parowan. We had a full car! It was definitely struggling driving up hills.

Friday went a little like this:


And after:

While there we played wiffle ball and a serious game of soccer. There were minor injuries in both but mostly in the soccer game.



Heidi Allred




Trevor- sorry Jamie, I somehow missed you. :(

We went out to eat one night for Heidi's birthday.

Group photo's

Thanks guys for a great weekend!


kate said...

LOL Ow, Allred, OW!