Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Baby!

There is a family moving out of our ward and luckily for us we have been able to purchase a few necessities from them. By necessities, I also mean toys. Because lets face it, kids need toys! Or probably more accurately, adults need kids to have toys to keep them occupied and entertained! Anyway, they were selling toys and I was able to buy a little baby doll set with a stroller, carrier, cradle, and baby. I wasn't sure if Afton would really be into the whole Baby doll stuff but it was a good deal and some toys that she just might like. I brought it home and just put it in her bedroom in a pile to deal with later. A few minutes later I hear "Hi baby! Oh baby, nice baby. Ok baby go night night." I walk around the corner and Afton is loving her baby and putting it in the carrier and swinging it and then she put it in the stroller and started pushing it around everywhere. Both Logan and I could help but laugh and awwh at such an adorable sight. She loves it. Such a girly girl. Where did she get that from? Now everytime it's time to get ready for bed, she goes to get her baby to put to sleep too.


shortylori said...

A tutu? I'm impressed Heidi! Never thought I'd see Afton in one of those! haha She looks cute with her stroller! Glad to see things are lookin good there:) Love ya!


By the way, I FINALLY updated my blog! Go me!