Monday, August 9, 2010

What a week!

Soon after I posted my last post, Logans brand new, 29 day old laptop for school crashed. And I mean crashed... the hard drive is gone! Of course it was a couple of hours after he loaded a 1,000 dollars worth of books for school onto it! It was quite the day. If I can make one recommendation... do not ever buy an HP! Their costumer service is awful!!! It took Logan 3 hours on the phone with HP workers before they would finally let him speak to a case managerng. That was after a couple of them "accidentally" hung up on him forcing him to go through the whole phone tree process again. Finally once he got to the case manager, he was told the only thing they could do was send him a box to ship his computer to them to be fixed, not replaced, fixed. And they would need our creditcard information to have on hand for that!? Oh and it will take about 3 weeks. He patiently explained to them that everything at his school is digital.... the books, the powerpoints, handouts, and the notes he takes are all done on a computer and that he can't be without his laptop for 3 weeks! So since HP stinks, Logan will be using my laptop for the next 3 weeks while his is "being fixed." Literally that means I have very limited time, since he takes it to school and has to use it after and before school to study. So... that blogging I had promised everybody, just might not get done as fast as I had hoped.

We had a couple of other eventful happenings. Our fridge broke the night we moved into the apartment, of course right after we had gone to costco and purchased a bunch of groceries. That was our second set of food to throw away! Yes our second set. Our first set we bought when we arrived in PR and at the Butlers house to stay. We bought groceries and got home and went to put our food away and realized their fridge had broken sometime while they were gone. Everything was rotten and moldy! haha. That was a big clean up! Anyway, We have been without a fridge this whole time. Finally our landlord found one and let us know it was being delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday rolled around, the fridge arrived and the workers said they couldn't get it in. (I think it's safe to say that they are not paid per delivery but by the hour.) They wouldn't even try. The fridge was the same size as the fridge already in our house!!! I won't go into detail about their lameness but it was pretty pathetic and I was pretty disappointed to once again be without a fridge. The next day we text our landlord and asked what he was planning and on doing and his response was "do you think you could wait a month and a half until I have more time?" Ummm, let me think about that one.... NO! We put our foot down and he found us a new fridge that was finally delivered on Friday!!! It's much smaller, has no ice maker, or water filter like the one before but sometimes you just have to make do. So far it has been fine. We're just happy to have fresh food to eat, no pop tarts and crackers! We're crossing our fingers that this fridge doesn't break anytime soon!!

Logan and Afton building a block tower while I made dinner. I found those blocks at Burlington Coat Factory for 15.00 bucks!

Finally... our first real cooked dinner since arriving in PR! It's about time. We felt it was picture worthy considering the circumstance!

Parmesean stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy with a salad.....mmmm. It tasted better than it probably actually was!

We also just finally purchased chairs. Up until now we have been eating on the floor. Not fun when you have a two year old! I couldn't get her to stay put and ended up having a huge mess to clean up after every eating session. It usually looked something like this...

We've slowly been rounding things up by using It's pretty much the Puerto rican version of Craigslist. We found our car and looked for apartments on that website. It was been great. Our table and and chairs were also found that way. So if you plan on moving to PR anytime soon, you'll know where to find stuff.