Saturday, July 31, 2010

Moving backwards

I decided that since I am so far behind in posting, I will blog backwards until I am caught up. That way you can see what we have been up to recently... like today!

Today we went to the beach. It's sad to say that it was our first trip to the beach so far. We've been so busy getting a place, a car, all set up, and figuring out school and all this Puerto Rico stuff out that we've been to busy to go. Today we decided was a play day and luckily some new friends of ours invited us to the beach with them. We went to this great beach in west PR. It was a nice private beach but a pretty busy and happening place for today. Today was the last day of summer vacation for everyone here since public school starts on saturday. So everyone was out having a good time on their last saturday. It's our last saturday too. Logan starts school on Monday! Scary but very exciting. He can't wait to get started. I on the other hand, am sad for him to get started because I know it means a long year of seeing him very little is starting. But it's worth it. So far we love PR. We've learned that moving with an almost 2 year old is not fun. Especially when you move to a little island that is very very hot and predominantly speaks a language you understand very little, and who's customs are very different. But we are adjusting and already growing to love so many things about PR. So, here are some pictures of our first day to the beach.

Heather and luiscito. A little boy that came over the took over our sand toys. :)

Still love, loves the water. She woke up the other morning and the first thing she said was "swimmin?" We have a great pool and kiddie pool in our complex that we have already used almost everyday.

Jake and Carson, Aftons new playmate. On the drive home Carson fell alseep and I caught her trying to hold his hand. Of course that was after the drive there when I caught her trying to give him a little pinch! Oh affy!


Mattson Family said...

How fun! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures in Puerto Rico!