Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Moving In... and moving out.

When we moved to Fresno we had planned on moving out of my parents place in only a few weeks. The apartment complex we wanted to move into was supposed to have an opening in October. It ended up being closer to the end of November. It was a little tight at my parents that whole time! But we enjoyed it there... so much that after only two days at our new apartment we moved back in with my parents. When we did our walk through in the apartment it smelled like carpet cleaner and fresh wall paint. After only two days we started noticing some serious smoke smells. The guy that lived there before us had smoked a pipe in the apartment for 8 years. So as you can imagine the smoke smell seaped through the paint and cleaned carpet back into the apartment with a vengence. It penetrated every thing we owned! All our clothes and fabric items had to be washed and everything had to be aired out. We even barrowed (thank you browns!) and rented ozone machines. The smoke smell was even in some of Aftons plastic toys! I hate smoke. I hate walking behind people while their smoking, I hate seeing the ends of cigarettes everywhere, and I especially hate the smell of smoke. Nothing ever really works to cover up the smell! It was a mess, but when one door closes another door opens and sure enough one did for us. A 3 bedroom house opened up right across the street from my parents and for only a little more than our apartment. The owners are very close friends of ours and a mom to me. It couldn't be a better situation for us. We are so grateful and are really loving it. And to add a cherry on top, it has a great fireplace. So in the end, it was all worth it.

Oh the mess that comes with moving in! You find random things that you haven't seen in years and lose random things you've had for years.

Getting things set up. Luckily we were able to cancel the internet hook up before they came. That would've been a lost 100 dollars!

And my least favorite part, unpacking the kitchen!

And my Favorite part.... this cute little girl walking around with all the random stuff she finds.

And on to the depressing part, airing everything out at my parents house. We actually had to move most of our things into our garage at the apartment before we could officially move out after thanksgiving.

And this is what my parents porch looked like for 2 weeks until we officially moved out. Aren't my parents so patient! :)

Logan vacumming for the official move. They came and installed new carpet but the smell still did not go away. It did improve, but we found that most of the smoke smell was coming from the popcorn on the ceiling. So we decided to still move out.

Farwell 110... you were not very nice to us.


Cynthia Christopherson said...

Oh my goodness! I totally understand the smoke. I moved into an apartment before Jason and I got married and I was SO excited it was cute and I got all in and unpacked, and the smell started...only I couldn't get out of my lease and there were no open apartments for a couple of months...myself and ALL of my belongings reeked like I smoked 2 packs a day. I am SO glad that you got out of it!

Joe & Jill said...

ahhhh that is so lame! I am jelous that you got to move back to fresno though- and across from your mom- does it get any better than that?? were trying to move back to fresno right now- we have both our house and our condo up for sale- now my husband just needs a job there! haha- minor detail huh? I just know he will though!!!maybe I will see you soon!