Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Getting ready for Christmas we...

Got the decorations out. (atleast her shoes are on!)

Celebrated Katies 31st Birthday on the 6th.

Picked out the tree.

Realized it was our worst tree ever with lots of bald dead spots!

Picked out mom's tree since she was in Seattle on business.

It only took us 5 mintues compared to the hour is takes when she is there.

Found plenty of time to play with the little girl.

Decorated the tree.

Found a cute and cheap Christmas outfit to:
Steal ornaments in.

Play with dad in.

High five the angel in.

And just be so cute in.

Getting ready for Christmas we...

Put up Christmas lights.

Decorated the Termeers Tree.

And made special eyeball ornaments for Debbie and David.

Had a candy cane coma and laid passively on the ground while everyone decorated.

Put on some Christmas PJ's and danced around in them.

Made Christmas cards on photoshop with some of my newly aquired skills. (sorry if you didn't get one, we didn't send out very many this year)

And waited for Christmas day to arrive.



Loved the cute story line! Afton is still sooo beautiful, I don't know how you guys can stand it! I love your main photo on your blog of the 3 of you. When is Aftons b-day?! She's walking, has more hair and more teeth than my little Keira (9 months).

Eddingtons said...

I love your Christmas card!!! Your family pic on your card is great, I love it!!!! What a great christmas you had!!