Monday, February 7, 2011


The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went with our friends Tyler and Tiff to an island off Puerto Rico, Vieques. We had originally hoped to go to Culebra, another island, but those ferry tickets were all sold out so we jumped on the boat to Vieques instead and had a great time!
Asking about renting a car. There weren't any available so we just caught a taxi. At 4 dollars a trip, the taxi wasn't so bad!

And it's sad but not all the scenery is great... :( We walked by this on our trek to "the perfect spot."

Afton and I walked out to the end of the pier to wave to Logan. He turned and started swimming towards us quickly then stopped really fast!...
He almost ran into one of these guys! That would have not been very fun!
While looking for conches we found this little guy
Tiff and I left Afton with the boys and went on a little walk down the beach to explore.
At the end of the day about to get food! We were starving!

Waiting for the ferry

Is everyone elses kid in love with the Iphone?!!!


H+B Jackson said...

Well Charlotte has mastered the iPod thouch in the last month...she loves the "panda bear game" matching game and the "chicken game" angry birds.

Mattson Family said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! Kendra LOVES the ipod touch! She can work it better than us!