Monday, October 4, 2010

Logans real Birthday!!

Logan celebrated his birthday 5 times this year!! Really! Once in fresno with his side, once with my side, once at the Shreeves house, once at the Preece house, and once with me in PR. What can I say, he is very loved!

The birthday boy getting ready for another big day of car and apartment hunting!

Finally found a car and a credit union where we could get money to pay for it! It was quite the task since there are really no banks in PR that are in the states!! I'm glad that whole ordeal is over!

Finally getting a late Puerto Rican lunch at Bebo's BBQ. It was delicious and perked up our spirits after a long day!

What did logan want for birthday cake? Costco muffins. Well that was easy. No baking required on my end!

Happy Birthday Logan. You make life pretty awesome!