Monday, October 4, 2010

Found a familiar place

We needed this. It was a long long day. One of those days I would not wish on anyone! Logan's brand new laptop crashed, as I explained in previous posts. Well HP insisted that we send it back to them to be fixed instead of replacing it. After 4 hours of trying to find Fed Ex in Pr we got Logans laptop back...

this is what it looked like. You should have seen our faces when the guy handed us our package and cheerfully said, "whoa, looks like it had a rought ride." Yah! I would say so. Sure enough, it was dented in 3 places and a pixel on the screen had gone out. It once again took about 2 weeks of battling with HP, holding on the phone, getting hung up on "by accident", being told wrong information, and waiting for phone calls back that never came before they said, send it back and we'll fix it. Seriously! My least favorite people in the world! So yah, running into Coldstone was needed and having giftcards with us from birthdays past that completely paid for our trip to Coldstone definitely helped.

As an update... We are still waiting to get Logans laptop back! They say they're waiting for parts. In the meantime he is taking my laptop to school and then using it at home to study. Very limited time for me to catch up on blogging and e-mails. :(