Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We left the Shreeves in Kentucky and flew to Virginia (Chesapeake) to meet up with the Preece crew. It had been atleast 3 years since we had seen them also! After a catch-up day relaxing at the house we headed to Williamsburg and Jamestown.

Twins. Kelly (Logans sister)did our hair the same.

Taking the ferry across to Jamestown.

Moving to Puerto Rico... a tiny island in the carribbean. It's still hard to believe!

Pushing the baby in the stroller.... oh wait, I mean big kid.

Ready to battle with our sassy 2 year old!

Gracie Lou

Funny story about this pic. I saw her doing this and said, "oh my gosh, your going to hurt yourself." The next day she was in so much pain she could hardly move... and what was it, a tight muscle spasm. I wonder why?! :)

After Jamestown we headed over to Williamsburg. It was just how I had remembered it. I love how rich in history the east coast is!

Chasing birds outside the pub we ate at.

If only we had one of these in our house!

Love the quick diaper change. She's a pro.

And this is me saying. "No way, your joking right!" Not a face you want to see often! Logan was in the process of telling me why all of our pictures from Kentucky and Virginia kept appearing blurry on the screen. Somehow the settings were changed from 12mp to .3mp. Not even 1 mp!!! What!! Why do they even have that option!!!?? I wasn't very happy about it, as you can tell. On the upside, uploading our pictures for the last couple posts took no time at all!

After Williamsburg we went out to icecream. It was a sweet ending to a fun day.

Afton offering me a bite. So sweet and unlike her to share her treats! jk

Lucy goosey


Afton was exhausted!...

...but Logan and David weren't and played a couple games of Madden.

Sunday was the next day and we all went to church.

The Shreeves finally arrived, just in time to start making dinner! We were so worried they weren't going to make it. They were supposed drive to Virginia the day we flew out but Sunny spiked a fever and frankly I think they were exhausted and needed a day to recoup before driving 9 hours! We're happy they made it. It wouldn't have been the same without them.

All the cousins loved playing together.

Gracie made Logan an early birthday cake. He loved it!

Afton, Lucy, and Sunny. Those silly girls.

That is one packed play area!

Logan attempting to fix the Preece's continually running toilet.

Monday we went to the beach.

Tuesday we went downtown and David took some cousin pictures.

The kids loved riding the Ferry.

Found some candy!

Wednesday we said goodbye very early in the morning. Kelly's going to kill me for posting this pic but then she'll forgive me after seeing...

THIS ONE!!! Yah, I looked that bad! Conveniently I woke up with PINK EYE the morning we were leaving. Are you kidding me!!! But on the upside, I had eye drop medicine from Afton having it.

We landed in our new home just after noon!


HiLL said...


That is one great post! I love how Afton is a big girl now! & I agree she is so STYLISH! What a fashionista! Way to go lil mama! Looks like a lot of fun, some heartache, but I'm glad/hope you're settling in well and having some fun there! It seams as though we should have done the island thing at the same time! :( It's gonna be a while before we see each other, but I LOVE YOU and you know it! So I am glad you keep posting! So I can get a lil taste of my hendersons! And make sure you're ok!