Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hospital visit #2

Well nursing Afton has not been a walk in the park. She wasn't able to latch so I've been having to use a breast shield but even with the breast shield nursing was painful. I also kept getting breast infections (2 and started to get a 3rd). She wasn't a good nurser from the beginning because she was was what they call late preterm... which typically early babies have a harder time nursing. Anyway I decided to go to his breastfeeding support group just to continue to get help from the lactation specialist. One of the nurses that was helping me at the group meeting noticed that Afton had a tight frenum. Babies with tight frenums can't latch. We had a few other people take a look at it and sure enough she did. Logan and I had noticed that she couldn't really stick out her tongue but hadn't thought about that being the reason she wasn't nursing well. About two weeks ago we went to the ENT Dr. and he said she needed to have it cauterized but that if we would wait until she was 4 weeks old then she wouldn't have to stay in the hospital over night and instead would only have to stay 6 hours after the surgery. Of course before agreeing to have the surgery I called the best doctor in the world to get his ok....Dr. Jones. He said that putting the baby under light anesthesia was fine and that cauterizing was best because it would never grow back. So I felt good about doing it after getting his approval. I hope that one of these days I can find a doctor that I trust as much as him... but probably not. So we set the date and went in last Thursday to have it done. It was very sad for me. First, I couldn't feed her for four hours before the surgery... she likes to eat every two so she was really hungry. Then of course we couldn't be in the operating room while they did it... I just kept thinking of her in there by herself... so sad. Then, when she starting waking up they came and got me because she was screaming. I got back there and she was sooo out of it. She couldn't really be comforted and her tongue was still numb so she couldn't eat with the breast shield. Luckily I had pumped during her surgery and so I gave her the bottle and slowly she started getting some down. The hardest part for me was the that they ended up giving her an I.V. It wasn't the fact that she had one but how the nurse took it out. She kept grabbing where the needle was. Afton would stop feeding when she did that and start screaming. Finally I told the nurse that she was pressing where the needle was and she said "oh that doesn't bother them... it's the tape that they hate." I've had I.V.'s before and I'm pretty sure it's not the tape that's uncomfortable... if someone was pressing down where my needle was I'd get pretty mad too. So I was happy when she finally got the needle out and Afton could relax. It was also sad because the gas and oxygen that they gave her give babies really bad gas. The rest of the day and the following day she was really uncomfortable from all the gas she had and from the stiches in her tongue. So, I'm glad that's over! So far I haven't gotten another breast infection... it's the longest I have gone without one! And best of all... she's finally starting to latch on her own. It's still and little painful because she still doesn't quite know how to use her new tongue, but it's getting better.

Before the surgery waiting in our room for them to take her into surgery. She was hungry but we got her to fall asleep for a little while with the binky.

After surgery. Logan holding her and figuring out how to get her to sleep longer than 2 hours at night. :) The book came with good recommendations from Hillary. Thanks girl it's working.


Robby and Katie said...

We are glad that her surgery went well. She is sure cute. The baby wise book is a good idea. Feed, play, then sleep, actually works! It worked with Avery. Unlike with Charlie, I had no idea what I was doing, so I would end up feeding him to get him to sleep and then he wouldn't nap well, because he was over fed and gassy. Then he would scream because he was over tired. It is really hard to settle an overtired baby. This would be a vicious cycle and I would bawl my eyes out because I was tired and had no idea how to help him. Things will get easier, and her body should get on a schedule eventually! Hang in there.


First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! I didn't know you guys were a mommy and daddy! Second of all, I love her name. I've only met one other Afton, a roomate from college and now a life long best friend.

I am so sorry about the breat infections, even without the infections breatfeeding can be a little painful... but I am SO GLAD you stuck with it Heidi. You go girl!

So what is her full name, birthdate, etc. Give me the stats guys!

I wish we lived closer so we could hange out! Tell me what you guys are up to these days, besides sleep less nights :)

Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

she is absolutely darling! more and more beautiful! im so sorry about the pain of watching her but i'm glad it was all worth it!!!! i'm glad the babywise is working... i need to re read it! and motivate me... she's starting to wake up in the middle of the morning like 330.... anywho

i love all the photos... she has such cute blankets and outfits! can't wait to meet her!

bretandjulie said...

What a trooper! Glad that the surgery went well and hopefully nursing will be easier for her (and less painful for you.) Stick with it as long as you can, you'll be glad you did.

Jack and Heidi Shiner said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that, but I am glad it is getting better. Two of my friends babies had a similar problem. Anyway, she is adorable, congratulations.

p.s. Hillary is right, that book is amazing! Works miracles.