Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Up and Down, Up and Down

I feel like we are constantly making trips up to Fresno, back down to S.D., up to Fresno, back down to S.D. Logan had to consecutive days off from work and had been wanting to go up to Fresno sometime during the week. That way we could get our eyes check at my moms work. So a few days after Hawaii we made another trip up to Fresno. I'm happy to report that my eyes are great and that Logan only needs a slight prescription for long distance. Other than that we are good. We stayed with Logans parents and had a good time. We all stayed up till 12:00 every night, which is normal for Logan and I but not for them. They were probably happy to see us go just so they could get some sleep! :) Afton had a good time with cousins. She loves any attention she can get! I didn't take very many pics because I was pretty pictured out from our trip to Hawaii so these are the few that I did get.

Charlie was very patient with Afton while she climbed all over him. Logan hooked up the Paulines digital converter and Charlie could watch his favorite shows again... hence the reason everyone's staring at the T.V.

While in Fresno I got to go out to dinner with some of my favorite people. We go way back....literally. Holly George (aka.Gage) and I grew up in the same ward together from the time we were infants. Ashley DeWitt (aka Hales) and I become immediate friends in 6th grade when she moved into the Cedarview Ward and into my 6th grade class at Eaton. Rachel Magelsen (aka Hernandez... also pictured above with Afton) and I met at achievement days and have been friends ever since. I love love love these girls. Of course Hillary was missing since she wasn't intown but I love her too. Together we make one fun group.... though our youngwomens leaders might say together we made quite a handful. :) We loved having fun and being silly together... and still do.

We got a lot of time to hang out with Logans side of the family. The cousins are always so good with Afton... especially Kyla.

And I always take a picture of the quilts I make but somehow forgot to snap a pic of this one before sending it off to Mia Christensen. So while I was there I took the opportunity. I love it when I have time to make quilts for the new nieces and nephews.


Eddingtons said...

You are so talented. That quilt is beautiful. Do you quilt it yourself or do you use a machine?

The Hanks Family said...

I would say as a camp leader you all were a lot of fun. I look at where all you girls are now and it just makes me smile at how close you all are still and how you have all grown. You were all a great group of girls and I was lucky to have had you all as 2nd yrs and then again as seniors.