Saturday, August 22, 2009

First tooth at 10 months

or more like first teeth at 10 months. She has three teeth coming in all at once and surprisingly she's still a very very good baby!

Bottom two teeth coming in...

And a top side incisor... or canine. Weird that it's not her front tooth on top. We we're making her pretty mad trying to take pictures of her teeth.

Our happy girl.... now with teeth! :)


Eddingtons said...
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Eddingtons said...

Way to go little one. What a trooper, I'm sure it hurts to just have one tooth coming in, but she has 3 I can't even imagine how painful that must be. She is so cute, I can't believe she's already that old.


Amanda said...

Poor girl. But way to stick it out! I guess she figures she might as well get it all done at once rather than getting one tooth here, another there.

HiLL said...


xoxox We love you!!!! You're beautiful!