Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First swim of the year

The Christensens had a pool party/pool party on May 31st. It was our first swim of the summer. Afton loved, loved, loved it. Loved jumping in, kicking, splashing, being dunked. She's a little water baby. If we had better access to a swimming pool daily, I would start swim lessons with her again. But, we'll just have to wait a few weeks until we get to Puerto Rico and get into a place to live there. Then we'll start. Can't wait!

After the swim party on Memorial Day, we headed out shopping to try and find good deals on luggage. We mostly ended up getting dinner and walking around Riverpark. It was a relaxing and fun day.

Super cheesy


sbdunn said...

Afton looks so much like your dad Heidi! I can't believe how big she is.