Friday, December 17, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

We went to our ward halloween party and had a great time. Getting there however was a little difficult. Logan had to study all day so I had the task of finishing our last minute costumes, getting us ready, logans costume packed, getting everything down the three flights of stairs to the car and the cupcakes, candy, and soup we were supposed to bring loaded. As I was about to take the soup down stairs I realized that I had forgetten to put chicken in it... the key ingredient! So I opted to not take it and have it for dinner the next night. Luckily there was plenty of soup at the party. As you can imagine, we were running late. We picked Logan up from school and finally headed to the church for the party. Once there I could finally relax and enjoy Halloween!

Our little puppy! I didn't think Afton would wear a costume, especially something in her hair. But i got her dressed in her costume and put her in front of the mirror to show her she was a "dog dog" and she was in love! She still loves wearing her costume.

Loved getting stickers in the fishing game.

Trunk or Treating. This year was the first year that she got what she was supposed to do. She loved it, and we loved eating some of the candy she collected!

With her buddy Carson the pirate. Aargh!

Sitting on the curb eating candy. A good ending to a fun night. It was so nice and warm, definitely different then the cold we walked in last year!

And we found her rolling in the grass. She really is a little puppy.