Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Mazurs birthday was in April and my parents decided to take him somewhere as a present. We were happy they decided to wait a month so that we could go.

Arriving at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

We went to a lot of shows and stopped by a lot of exhibits. The stingrays were our first stop.

The lady at the penguin exhibit told the crowd that if they had any questions they could ask her. Afton yelled, "Hey! What are their names?!" It's cute what little kids care about. Unfortunately they don't have names... too many to remember.

The Sea Lion Show. I loved that there were so many shows... it mean't fatty me could sit a lot!

How we rolled. Afton felt so cool sitting with Mae Mae. She loves him!

This was the money shot that turned out blurry. Bummer. They were so up close to the Killer Whale.

Dancing on Grandmas' lap at the Killer Whale show.

She loved loved the Shark exhibit.

The tiger show and exhibit.

"Afton, do you need to go potty?" me
"nope!" afton
She lied... luckily I had just decided to put pull-ups on her for the day.

We took a break from the animals and shows to go on some rides. Afton loved the rides but wouldn't go on any of the small ones by herself. We stood in line twice because she said she wanted to ride them but when it got time to, she wouldn't. I was shocked. I know she would have loved. She just barely reached the height requirement line so maybe next time when she's a little taller and older she will want to go on the rides by herself.

Aunt Ashlee was her designated riding buddy. I couldn't go, and the rest of the adults can't handle the spinning!

Of course she insisted on riding the zebra. Why always the zebra? Kids are so random.

We were first in line so she got to ride in the front of the train. She felt pretty cool!

Afton insisted that Ashlee not help her spin the center.

After rides it was back to animals and a few last shows.

As close as possible.

My favorite part of the day was the blue slushie. JK But I really did enjoy it, maybe even a little too much. Little mother like daughter.... blue lip buds.

Jacko the Walrus. He liked having staring contests with everyone. We found out that he's the walrus in 50 First Dates and that part of the movie was filmed there.

A long but fun day. I was happy to not have been sent into labor with all the walking we did!