Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Camp

A week after coming home from our trip to Utah, we headed up to family camp at Shaver Lake. I love, love, love family camp. So much of my childhood was spent up there. We had a fun week together as a family: hiking, exploring, kayaking, boating, swimming, relaxing, firebuilding, catching snakes, lizards and bugs, fishing, and enjoying the scenery.

Monday- 6/20
My brother Marc brought his 2 kayaks up... they were endless fun for the adults and kids.

Exploring the cove. Logan got the job of towing the blow up row boat and affy.

I would say of the favorite assignments for the boys is getting the firewood, chopping it, and building fires.

Tuesday- 6/21

Ready to get out on the water.

Paddling around with Aunt Ashlee

Mike, Afton and I decided to kayak out to an island.

This is the life!

Innertubing with DADA.... thumbs up!

The boys taking off after dinner to go fish the good spot "tunnel creek." They caught a ton of fish!

The girls taking off after dinner to go watch the fish spawn and hunt for snakes... well some of us. Don't count on Ashlee catching any snakes!

The beautiful Sierra Nevadas

Caught a little garder snake. Afton loved it.

Wednesday- 6/22

Missed a spot!

Logan on the wake skate. Doing a 360.

This time he wasn't so successful! :)

The water was freezing!!!! But I got in anyway. We've been spoiled with our warm carribean water in PR!

Logan thought that I needed a picture where I spent most my time. Gotta love being 36 weeks pregnant and camping. I had to walk up to this bathroom probably 10 times a day! The walks helped work off all the junk I ate the entire week! I think I gained 5 pounds during this little camping trip. ha ha

Hiking up to the water tower for some good cold water!

The bear cave... not really, that's just what they told Affy.

And the second snake I caught that week. I was really excited about this find. On one of my many trips up to the bathroom I noticed a shiny stick in the road. I stopped and got down to examen it and sure enough it was a rubber boa. These are hard to find because they're nocturnal. I've also never seen one get this big. I picked it up and carried it back to camp for all the little and big kids to hold. Afton, once again, loved it. We let it go that night in a safer spot.

Thursday- 6/23
Water fight

Logan and I decided to float out on this boat together. We got about a mile out before they brought the ski boat to come pick us up.

While we were floating, everyone else was catching and playing with lizards.

Tunnel creek. One last fishing trip. We weren't so lucky this time. We couldn't get in close enough to where the fish bite because of the other boats that were there fishing also.

And this is Logans embarressed face. As we were leaving our fishing spot we drove past another boat where a girls was changing her clothes and in her bra. I whistled and she turned and saw Logan just before he could get out of sight. I love giving him a hard time!

Friday- 6/24

She spent a lot of time in this hammock. As soon as anyone else sat down in it, she thought she needed to be in it. "My turn, get down on the ground."


Logan giving me a hard time.

Did I mention how cold the water was!?

Afton decided she wanted to go on the innertube all by herself. She loved it.

Our last campfire. Logan made it a big one.

Can't wait to go to family camp next summer!