Thursday, January 19, 2012

San Juan Feria

This year we decided going to the fair was an absolute must. We felt we owed it to Afton after last years fiasco...
Last year we decided that we were going to the fair. We talked with the Boss's and decided we would all go together. For a week straight we drove by the fair and told Afton "were going to the fair in a couple of days with tyler and tiffy." She was so excited. Finally the weekend came and we all headed to the fair together... we didn't get far before we hit awful, and I mean AWFUL traffic. The fair was really only about a mile from our house but there we were gridlocked and stuck for about an hour right infront of it. Poor Afton could see the lights and just kept crying that she wanted out of her carseat, wanted to go to the fair, was hungry and we were stuck and couldn't move. All the flashing lights were just taunting her! Finally we made it into the parking lot all got out and got up the ticket office and realized it was 30 dollars a person!!! What!!! So we couldn't afford it and turned around and left. We had to explain to Afton that we just didn't have enough money. Instead we decided we would take her to a movie. So we started to getting her excited about seeing a movie. We stopped at Burger King to get some food. While in line Afton fell off some railing and hit the floor. Luckily she was fine but not very happy about the fall. After eating we walked over to the theatre meanwhile pumping her up for how cool the movie was going to be. We got there and started to order our tickets when we realized it was the Spanish version and the english was not until 10:00 p.m. We decided to call it a night a head back to our place. It was clear the stars were just not aligned for us that night.

We felt bad about that night ever since and vowed we would take Afton to the Fair to make up for her terrible night the year before. We figured out that tickets were about half price during the weekdays and planned to go on one of those nights. This year it turned out much better. She loved going on all the rides and was running from ride to ride.

She obviously didn't not like the free fall ride. ha ha.

Loved the carousel
great view from the top!

So glad we finally made it to the fair!


evamarie said...

The best part of this post is Logan's mustache. It kills me. Glad you got to go to the fair!