Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Grads!!... well almost.

So this weekend Logan and I will both be graduating.... but not exactly. We have to do the first session of summer school and then we will finally be done... but not exactly. After graduating we'll have a few more years of school and then we'll be done. It kinda stinks to walk in the graduation ceremony and then come back the next week for school. I had always pictured my graduation to be really exciting... the whole walk on the stage have your name announced and then never come back. I never imagined that I would have set foot on campus again. Whatever the case it is still exciting to be done with our undergrad work... in another 5 weeks. :) These are the pictures we took for our homemade graduation announcement.... since the real ones were way to expensive and pretty plain anyway.


bretandjulie said...

You are so gorgeous! The picture looks great and how exciting to be graduating. I am so proud of you! It seems like I just went to your high school graduation. Bummer that you have to go back for another session, but totally worth it. And grad school, the time will fly by, you'll be done before you know it. You are so awesome! (and I'm sure Logan is too.)