Monday, May 12, 2008

San Fran

Logan had to go to San Francisco for a school conference so we decided to make a trip out of it and drive up together. Driving there was definetly more fun than the drive back. We felt a little rushed driving back to San diego since we had homework due and exams the following monday. The weekend was a lot of fun regardless of the fact that we spent alot of time at the motel studying. Our first night we got tons of treats and had a little party for two. Saturday we found out my brother John was also in San Francisco, so we got to meet up with him for about an hour. Before returning to the motel to continue studying we made sure to stop by the arcade we went to a couple years ago before we got married. Sunday the drive seemed to take much longer... maybe because Logan fell asleep for 90% of my driving time! Whatever the case, it was a fun weekend away together. I wish we could have those more often!!


SiLLiWiLLi said...

I HEART SAN FRAN! How fun... i am wanting one of those breadbowls!!!!! mmmmmmMMmmmmm

Logan cracks me up! i love the rodeo in him! hahaha

p.s. Beat it came on the our computer at home and i just busted up laughing out load! Derek was like what the heck is so funny!?!?? ;) and I just pictured Logan's dance! I pray you remember this dance! He did it at like EVERY youth dance! Please... have him do it again and you tube it! IT"S CLASSIC! hahahah

love you two! come VISIT! for pete sake! ;) We could send you a canoe! jk