Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Blessing

We drove up to Fresno the day after Thanksgiving. We had decided to bless Afton in Fresno since most of our families and close friends are there. That way everyone wouldn't have to travel to us.... and lets face it, most wouldn't have traveled to us. So, we came to them! It was good being able to see everyone though we always leave feeling like we just didn't have enough time. Afton was great for the blessing... kind of. She was crying the whole time before then stopped for the blessing then started crying agian after the blessing was done. I'm really grateful she stopped. I have to admit I had a little bit of a freak out session before the blessing. I started feeding Afton an hour before we had to leave so that the timing would be just perfect. She'd eat, be full right before church, fall asleep on the drive, and then be good for her blessing. Nope, didn't happen like that. An hour after starting she was still eating and not wanting to stop. I had to cut her off and put her in the car to leave and she was not happy. She cried the whole way to church. We were running late and still had to dress her. So quickly in the parking lot we were scrambling to dress her while she was still screaming. I just kept thinking.... don't throw up all over you dress, please don't throw up all over your dress!(she tends to do that when she cried alot.) I was also worried we were going to miss her blessing since we were running late. Our ward here in San Diego always starts on time! Luckily Cedarview was a little late starting and so we got there just before the meeting started. Then she cried through the whole beginning part of church. But it all worked out fine and I really shouldn't have been stressed... babies will be babies. After the blessing we got together with our families and had lunch at Kristi's house. It was a great place to have the shin dig. :) Everyone had alot of fun playing with all the toys in the backyard! Thanks Kristi for letting us have it there. Basically, it was a great day. Logan ended up leaving that night to head back home and I stayed an extra day and a half to get some projects done with my mom.... mission accomplished... well almost. And I got to see a couple of friends that I had really missed. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with you guys(Holly and Ashley). But I had a lot of fun laughing a talking with you two for hours! The ride home was a little long. We had to stop and feed Afton twice and she likes to take her time eating! My mom drove me all the way home. Sh claims that she doesn't mind the drive... crazy. Thanks mom for taking me and for helping me get my projects done. We always have projects! :)

Almost everyone that came... a few missing. Thanks for the support guys.

Kris and Emily drove all the way from San Diego. It was sooo nice of them.

Christensen Family

Paulines... yep this is the best picture we got with you guys! haha. Well we tried. Atleast Charlie isn't webing the camera!.. Is that why Robbies holding hi arms down? :) Hopefully you have a better one!

My moms and thier daughters... one daughters missing.

Sharon and Peanut

Afton after the blessing finally being good.

Logans parents. They left right after the blessing so they didn't get to be in the big picture with everyone. When we all met up at Kristi's we took one of them with her.


Trevor and Jamie said...

So precious! She looks beautiful! I'm sorry we couldn't make it down there for the blessing! I wish we could have!

bretandjulie said...

I'm a little disappointed that we came all the way from Arizona and weren't even asked to be in the picture. So glad that we got to see you and your little princess.

Ashley and Tyson said...

She looked gorgeous! Did you make her dress? I'm glad she didn't throw-up all over it. You look so beautiful, too. Heidi, I feel like you look even more lean now than you ever have before. I hope having a baby will do that to me:) ya right:).