Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Well this year we stayed in San Diego for Thanksgiving. Logan had to work Thanksgiving night so we really couldn't go far. We had an early dinner with the Hollidays and some new friends we made in the ward, Carter and Jenae. It was actually alot of fun. The night before I went over to Kristina's to make pie... I had never made crust before and Kristina is like the professional cook/baker. I made (with Kristina's help) a pumpkin pie since it is Logans favorite. Funny story.. he didn't even get any! I took it over to the Hollidays and Logan ended up leaving before having desert. I grabbed it to take it home and when I got home it was gone. I thought I left in on the roof of the car but found out that I left in the Hollidays house and they finished it off. That's definitely a better spot then on the road somewhere! haha. So I guess I'll have to make him another one sometime. Thanksgiving morning Logan and the guys had a Turkey Bowl at the park about a half mile from our place. It was raining all morning so the field was wet and muddy, perfect for playing football! I took Afton for a little while then walked home to get ready to head over to the Hollidays. We were responsible for making the greenbeans and stuffing... pretty easy job considering Emily and Kris had to make the Turkey and mashed potatoes. The food turned out great.., much better than I had excepted from first time Thanksgiving dinner makers! Anyway, I would say we had a pretty successful Thanksgiving!

Leaving the Turkey Bowl to walk home

Whoa Kris... watch where you put those hands. ;)

Cuddling with Kristina while mom made a pie.