Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 month check-up

Weight: 13lbs 4 oz. (5oth)
Height: 25 inches (75th)
Head: 16 inches (40th)

So for some reason Afton only gained 6 ounces this last month! We're not really concerned but the Dr. is going to have us come back in 2 weeks to check up on her weight. He's not worried since she's still in the 50th for her weight but just wants to make sure she continues to gain weight. Other than that she is a happy and healthy baby.

This picture makes me laugh... it's so typical Afton. She was bending over as far as she could to try and suck on the dr.'s stethescope.

Getting ready for her shots. She did pretty good. She cried with the second one but only for a second.

Her too little shot spots on her leg.


The Fords said...

Hey there, Heidi. I was just blog hopping to find fabulous backgrounds and design ideas. May I ask what website this background is from?? It's adorable. And your family is quite adorable too. :) --Fresno Represent

Logan and Heidi said... I just googles free blog backgrounds and this blog came up.

Brittany Shae said...

Oh shots!! I hate watching them give Skyler his shots. Hope Afton did ok..she seems like a mellow girl!