Monday, February 2, 2009

Bombs away!

We've gotten pretty used to getting thrown-up, and spit-uped on!

Just missed all the action! haha

See the yellow arrow? That's how long her spit is! Pretty impressive!

I think once she gets past this stage were going to have to buy all new clothes. The rotten milk smell just sometimes never goes away!


Robby and Katie said...

What a good sport Logan for smiling for the camera! Think twice next time before you play like that with her, you might not get so lucky. Spit up in the mouth is not pleasant. Trust me I speak from experience!

Rob and Bri said...

She is such a doll. The worst is when it goes in your mouth. Ugh.

sbdunn said...

Ha ha ha! At least it didn't get in his mouth! LOL!