Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Big big big Fresno Fair!

We have really missed this Fair! It's been years since we have been able to go. Well this year we were back in Fresno in time to go and I have to say, we were so impressed! Everything was much cheaper, and cleaner and less crowded than San Diego's fair. Fresno has really stepped it up since we last went. I was expecting it to be the same ghetto fair from my childhood but it was not at all. So if next year you're thinking of going.... GO.

The car parker, aka Dad

Caught mooing at the cows :)

Those poor cows... I know how you feel!

There was all sorts of great toys and exhibits for kids. Afton tried eating some of the beans in this big bean box.

Moms favorite exhibit.... the reptiles! Afton loved it too. Now if we could only convince dad that snakes are cool.

After looking around and getting food we met up with my family and went to the beach boys concert. I love their music and being a California girl.

And what is a fair without a few rides. We ditched our sleeping baby and went on two rides, just the two of us. That was the fastest spent 20 dollars!
I loves the swings!

And last a slow ferris wheel ride sitting close to my favorite person.
A cute video of Afton dancing to the beach boys. She loved it.