Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Big Birthday Girl!

What an exciting day for our family. We love this little girl and how much love and joy and silliness she has brought into our lives this past year. We miss our sleep but she has been well worth it. This last year went by way to fast! I miss my little baby! But I'm loving seeing her grow and progress and develop more personality. What a little stinker she can be at times but then what a little sweetheart she can be. I can't imaging life without her now that she is here. We are so thankful for her and this last year that we have gotten to spend getting to know her. I hope to always be close to her. I hope that she will always know that I love her. Happy Birthday Afton, our big girl!

Good Morning Birthday Girl!!

The breakfast of birthday girls. I know cereal for breakfast on your birthday!? It was Sunday and we were hurrying to get ready for 9 a.m. church..... and it's her favorite. Frosted mini wheats.

Making the cupcakes!

Final touches on the cake

Dads favorite! Logan made some of his famous chili. It's always delicious... and meaty.

The finished product. Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and fondant polka dots. I'll admit, the frosting wasn't that great but Afton didn't mind. I need to find a good buttercream recipe.

Logan and cousin Charlie getting the pit ready for hotdog cooking

Avery was my little helper. Such a cutie with her big brown eyes. :)

Afton and Aunt Kristi (and skinky the skunk)

The cupcake tower and cake. The cupcakes were chocolate with cream cheese frosting... very good!

Eating with Uncle Marc. This girl will eat anything you give her. She's eating raw asparagus in this pic... pretty impressive.

Playing with balloons and Uncle Mike

Almost walking but not quite. She would take up to 8 steps in a row for months but would always sit down after a few steps to crawl.

Birthday girl and her favorite boy.

I love this silly girl!

Ha ha. Miss Mia was having a lot of fun pressing her face up against the window door

Cake time!

Notice the train. Mom feeding Afton, Afton feeding Dad.

She always, always smashes her food on her head. Everyday!! Everytime she eats!! How do I get her to not do that!!! haha

All done and ready to get down! Can you tell!?

Opening presents. I can't wait until she can open presents herself!

What a great day it was. Thank you to everyone that made it special and all of those who have loved our little girl during this first year of her life! We love you all and appreciate you!