Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life Saver

We are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our complex and thank goodness because I don't know how I would have survived Puerto Rican hot days of entertaining Afton, with out it. It has literally been a lifesaver. Electricity is very expensive here so we don't have the luxury of using the AC. Everyday when our thermostat read 94 degree's in our house, it was time to hit the pool and cool down. We've had a blast. And best part... Afton can swim. No joke. About a month before she turned two she figured out how to float on her belly and she's been doing so good ever since then. I still of course have to help her get breaths of air but she can kick to me and then back to the side of the pool. So proud of my little wild fish.

Our pool. No that is not a hot tub, to hot all year round for anyone to go hot tubbing!

I love love this kiddie pool. It's given Afton and I both so much independance.

Swimming at night when daddy gets home.


H+B Jackson said...

I am jealous of that kiddie pool!!! We have one but it is 3 feet deep! What the heck?!

We totally escaped to the pool for hours when is was hot here. Fun times!