Sunday, January 30, 2011


We've been building a lot of things with blocks lately. This girl blows me away with how smart and quick she is!

One day as I was going through the daily routines, Afton came and got me because she wanted to show me her blocks. I walked over and she said, "See mommy! A daddy F and a baby F." I was impressed! I thought maybe it was just something she built accidentally and then she noticed that they looked like F's. I was wrong. She then proceeded to build more letters. An H, I, T, and E. Anything she could think of and figure out how to build she tried. Literally she blows me away. Where did she get this from?! I had to take 2 years of kindergarden to finally remember my letters and she's 2 and building them with blocks!

With a T she built

And a huge tower/wall. She had a little help making the tower that tall! She loves her blocks!