Friday, January 28, 2011


We have a raquetball court in our complex that Afton calls the "tunnel." At nights before bed Logan and her like to go together to the "tunnel" and run around crazy, kicking rubber balls, before taking her bath and getting ready for bed. It's a nice little time for them to have together by themselves (as afton sometimes says "stay here mommy!") and it's a nice little break for me to have by myself at home! :)

After the tunnel we went to one of the parks in our complex and played for a few minutes. Afton was climbing up the slide and I reminded her to hold onto the bars at the top and she said "the H" and I said, "no the bar." Then I realized she was just smarter than me. Sure enough there is an H at the top. :)


stella and olivias mommy said...

yes miss heidi, you have a very smart little girl! :)